Tverrbotnfjellet / Doaresgáisa 1299, Tromsø.

Tverrbotnfjellet from Sørbotn, Ramfjorden.

A short description of the West ridge route: start from Finnjorda in Andersdalen. From the parking follow the dirt road for a few hundred meters until you have crossed the bridge over the river. Turn left and follow another dirt road for approx. 150 m towards Tverrbotn / Doaresvággi. There is a sheep track at the end of the dirt road that follows the South side of the valley for approx. 3.5 km. Here you should cross the river to reach the West ridge. The ridge is just an easy, steep walk with a few scrambling sections over loose scree here and there. It is not very exposed.

There is a good sheep track on the South side of the valley Tverrbotn / Doaresvággi..

The West ridge from Tverrbotn.

Happy sheep in Tverrbotn.

The river can be difficult to cross in early summer.

To jump or not to jump, that is the question.

Tverrbotn / Doaresvággi from the lower part of the West ridge.

Mark on the West ridge.

Stortinden / Stuorgaisa(1320)

Andersdaltinden / Lavatgáisa (1221)

On the summit plateau.

Lavangsdalen and Henrikstinden (1270).

Mark on Pernilsfjellet / Niillasgáisa (1282).

Tverrbotnfjellet  (1299).

Near the summit.

Mark on Tverrbotnfjellet .

Descending the snowfields.

An old avalanche.

Scared cows in Andersdalen.

Finnjorda near midnight.

Climbed by Mark Roberts (UK) and Geir Jenssen, 26. June 2013.

Read Mark Roberts nice report here.

© Geir Jenssen