Spiidnegáisá (1265), The Lyngen Peninsula, Norway


The West face of Spiidnegáisá ("Pig Mountain") as seen from Lakselvdalen.

Spiidnegáisá (a.k.a. Durmålstinden) is situated to the east of Lakselvdalen. We started from the farm Skogly in Lakselvdalen (beware of the horses!) and walked eastwards towards Rypedalen. Follow Rypedalen for approx. 5 km and climb up the south face of Spiidnegáisá towards Point 935 before proceeding up the Southwest face to the summit. Easy.


Low on the South face.

Just below Point 915 on the South face.

-27°C on the summit.

My marzipan pig just below the summit.

You can do it!

On the summit.

Looking west.

Visited by Kent-Hugo Norheim and Geir Jenssen, 16. December 2009

© Geir Jenssen 2009