Store Rieppefjellet (1299), Tromsø, Norway

Store Rieppefjellet from Sennedalfjellet.

Store Rieppefjellet was first climbed by the British mountaineer Claud Rawlence together with the Swiss guides Josef and Emil Imboden on August 16th 1899.

From Alpine Journal Vol. 20: New Expeditions in 1899.


On August 16 Mr. Claud Rawlence, with the two Imbodens, made the first ascent of this peak, which is visible from Holmebugt, and is to the west of the Sørfjord. Having quitted Holmebugt at 8 P.M., they arrived on the summit at 1.30 A.M. by the East ridge.

A brief description of the east face route: start from Sveingarden in Sørfjorden and follow a good path up to Sveingardvatnet. Continue along the western shore of the lake. A boarded path starts from the northern end of the lake leading to a bridge that makes it possible to cross the river Rieppeelva. This bridge - half destroyed by a flood - is not marked on the map. It is essential to find it to be able to cross the river. There is an open cottage on the little hill 50 m north of the bridge.
Proceed up the SE ridge of the mountain up to 950 m and continue into the cirque under the east face. The east face is straightforward. Approx. 30-40 degrees. Bring crampons if early in the season.
Climbed 12. June 2011.


Store Rieppefjellet from Sørfjorden.

Store Rieppefjellet from Sørfjorden.

Store Rieppefjellet from Sveingardvatnet

from Sveingardvatnet

By the river Rieppeelva. How do I cross this?

Luckily I found
this half destryed bridge a bit further down. It saved my day.

The original plan was to climb the SE ridge, but this cliff looked a bit difficult with huge drops on each side.
Still, I decided to take a closer look.

A little ledge on the south side of the ridge. What´s behind the corner?

 Behind the corner I found this partly overhanging cliff and decided to turn back.

Made a traverse of the east face to find easier terrain near the NE ridge.

Looking towards the summit from the east face.

Reached the evening sun just below the summit.

 The beautiful cairn built by Claud Rawlence and the Imbodens in 1899.

10 p.m. on the summit.

A view towards Lakselvtindene.


Midnight by the lake Sveingardvatnet.

Store Rieppefjellet from Sveingardvatnet.

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