Maritinden (1062), Tromsø, Norway


A telephoto of Maritinden taken from Ramfjorden.  The North ridge is marked in red. The main summit is to the left.

A brief route description of the North ridge route: Start from Sørbotn in Ramfjorden and ascend on the right hand side (south side) of the creek Fagerelva up to Henrikskardet (a hanging valley). It is very important to ascend on the right hand side. If not you will be forced to cross a very avalanche prone area to reach Henrikskardet. Continue up Henrikskardet to Point 903 on Fagerfjellet. From there you will have a perfect view of the North ridge. See picture below.

Climbed by Geir Jenssen 6. April 2006.

A telephoto of Henrikskardet and Fagerfjellet (957). The red circle marks where one skier was killed by an avalance in December 2010.
To avoid this area keep to the right of the creek Fagerelva.

The North ridge of Maritinden.
The avalanche danger can be very high here. You should carefully consider the snow conditions before continuing on the ridge.
An ice axe, crampons and even a rope can be necessary on this section.

Deep powder snow on the ridge

A view towards Ramfjorden from the summit plateau.

A view
towards Lavangsdalen from the summit plateau of Maritinden.

The West face of Maritinden as seen from Gorželvtinden.

The SW face of Maritinden as seen from Lavangsdalen.

The South face of Maritinden as seen from Lavangsdalen.

© Geir Jenssen 2010