Imagáisi (1500) East face, The Lyngen Peninsula, Norway

The summit plateau of Imagáisi as seen from Henriktinden.

The glaciated East face of Imagáisi as seen from the East summit (1416) in summer.

A short description of the East face route: start from the gravel pit near Djupen in Lakselvdalen and follow the dirt road up
Ellendalen to this hydroelectric dam (under construction right now).

Continue to the bottom of Ellendalen and climb up to the col between Sfinxen (left) and Imagáisi´s North face.

A view towards the North face of Ellendalstinden.

From the col you have a perfect view of the glacier Steindalsbreen and summits like Nállangáisi (1595) ...

and Imagáisi´s East summit.

A view from the glacier towards the col and Sfinxen.

Continue around the right hand corner ...

... and you will see the icefall on the East face. Beware of crevasses. The steepest part is approx. 40 degrees.

In the ice fall.

The summit as seen from the upper part of the ice fall.

Near the summit plateau.

A view from the summit towards Guhkesgáisi (1580).

Difficult snow conditions made the descent through the ice fall much harder than expected.

Nállangáisi and Steindalsbreen from the lower part of the ice fall.

Looking up towards the ice fall.

Perfect skiing conditions in Ellendalen.

Looking towards Lakselvtindene.

Guhkesgáisi´s North face.

Construction time again.

Ski ascent 16. May 2012.

Imagáisi West ridge, The Lyngen Peninsula, Norway

The West ridge of Imagáisi from Ellendalstinden.

A brief route description: Start from Djupen in Lakselvdalen and walk approx. 3 km into Ellendalen. Continue into the nameless valley
between the South Face of Ellendalstinden and the North face of Guhkesgáisi (
Langdalstindene). Keep to the East of Point 1018 and
continue up easy slopes to the col between Ellendalstinden and Imagáisi. The West ridge can be very icy and windblown, so bring a
pair of crampons and an ice axe.

The nameless valley between Ellendalstinden and the massive North face of Guhkesgáisi (right).

Matthias Gunsch under the North face of

A view towards Ellendalen.

Matthias Gunsch near the summit plateau on Imagáisi.

The summit plateau on Imagáisi.

Matthias Gunsch descending the West ridge.

Under the South face of Ellendalstinden.

A view towards Ellendalen.

By the river of Ellendalen.

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