Istinden (952), Ringvassøya, Norway


Istinden as seen from Glimvatnet.

A brief route description of the South face route: Start from Glimvatnet and follow Glimdalen up to two small lakes situated
approx. 140 m above sea level. Proceed up the East face of Nordfjellet until you reach the glacier. Traverse the glacier until
you reach the South face of Istinden. The last 150-200 m are approx. 40-45°.

Climbed by Geir Jenssen and Øystein Nesheim, 6. February 1999.

A teleshot of the South face route. The NE face to the right.

Øystein Nesheim on the South face.

Øystein Nesheim just below the summit of Istinden.

Øystein Nesheim on the summit. Nordfjellet behind.


© Geir Jenssen 2008