Røyelkampen (1240), Nordreisa, Norway

Røyelkampen as seen from Reisadalen.

Left: The North ridge.
Climbed by Geir Jenssen and Steinar Johansen, 13. mars 1981.
A short route description: Start from Røyelelv in Reisadalen and follow Røyeldalen for 2-3 km towards Røyelkampen.
Follow the frozen stream Salla up to a little lake (775) and proceed on the North ridge to the summit. Crampons and ice axe recommended.

Center: The West face.
Climbed by
Bjørn Arntzen, Jan-Arvid Ingulfsen, Geir Jenssen, Roger Jenssen and Are Mellem, 26. desember 1981.
A short route description: Start from Røyelelv in Reisadalen. The route follows a gully that leads to the North ridge.

Mostly 45 degrees on snow, but also steeper sections with ice.

The West face route.

Røyelkampen as seen from Jyppyrä (874).

Steinar Johansen in the hanging valley under the North ridge

Dangerous climbing on icy snow to reach the North ridge.  No crampons, no ice axe...

Steinar Johansen on the North ridge.

Steinar Johansen on the summit.

Steinar Johansen descending the North ridge.

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